Wellness as an industry continues to boom. The Global Wellness Institute estimates that size of the market is a staggering $3.7 trillion dollars. It is one of the fastest growing sectors and shows no sign of slowing down.  And it's little wonder; as our vices mount, workplace and startup stress peaks, and the pace of our 'always on' culture continues to accelerate, we need more self-care than ever before. Even the importance of wellness in the workplace has been picked up on by a plethora of companies who recognize its importance for their bottom line.  These wellness trends are ones to watch, and in many cases, adopted by many entrepreneurs and CEO's to help stay on top of stress.

Infrared Sauna

These saunas involved lying in a silver sleeping bag, while the temperature is cranked up to between 160-180F . Benefits include relaxation, detoxification, weight loss, skin purification and improved stamina, sleep and circulation. There are three types of infrared levels.  Near-infrared levels can help heal wounds and improve immune function. Middle-infrared levels increase circulation and help to relax muscles. And far-infrared levels are best for detoxification. Founder of Shapehouse Sophie Chiche says, "Releasing toxins from any system makes the system run better. The body is no different than a car in that way. When you bring it to the mechanics for a tune up, you remove any impurities. Sweating is that for the body."

Magnesium Oil

We need magnesium to function. It's an essential nutrient that impacts cellular function at a molecular level. Magnesium can relieve sore muscles and joints, improve cell health, lower inflammation, aids arthritis, digestion and aging, and even improves sleep. And the real clincher? 80% of people are magnesium deficient. On top of that, for every molecule of sugar we eat, our bodies need 54 molecules of magnesium to process it. Founder of Salt Lab, Clementine Beale developed her own version of magnesium oil when she was on the road to recovery. She needed a product that would be rapidly absorbed, and soon discovered topical applications worked must better than the oral tablets available on the market. Salt Lab now create both bath salts and sprays, and their product line continues to evolve. And with more indications coming out for magnesium, like helping with depression, anxiety and stress, the category is likely to continue its immense growth. As MD Carolyn Dean says, "A magnesium deficiency magnifies depression and stress. Serotonin, the feel good brain chemical that is boosted artificially by some medications, depends on magnesium for its production and function."

Natural Deodorant

Natural has taken over nearly every beauty and home product in the last decade; from our makeup, to our sink cleaners to our toothpaste. The one product that hasn't joined the natural ranks has been deodorant. Up until now, the natural deodorants available were highly ineffective and positioned squarely at the 'au naturale' consumer. However, new players have redefined this category; adding sophistication, style and efficacy. Free Brands Inc, is leading this space, creating deodorants that look premium and work effectively. And in a climate where competitors are adding more and more chemicals (think deodorants with hair removers and stain obliterators), the quest for natural is even greater.  The products look and feel like a premium product.  They come in decadent scents like lavender citrus, bergamot mint, frankincense peach, amber and unscented varieties. Lavender citrus is the bestselling scent. Founder Ira Kaganovsky Green says, "I wanted them to smell like the Four Seasons. Our formulas smell like a nice perfume even though we don't use perfume".

Floatation Tanks

Otherwise known as sensory deprivation tanks, these tanks are best described as a forced meditation. Without any senses, sight, sound and touch thanks to salty body-temperature water, your mind is forced to retreat into itself and take a proper break from reality. Founder of FloatLab and maker of most float tanks in USA, Crash believes that Floatation Tanks offer not only relaxation, but also offer ground breaking insight into your self and the world around you. Crash explains that the tanks allow you to get a new perspective on your self, and your life (work problems, relationships and mind-body connection). He finds a lot of entrepreneurs are regular floaters, in order to create healthy and regular time for reflection and alternative perspectives.