The Health and Wellness industry is big business. The broad-reaching category consists of beauty, fitness, mind, body, nutrition, tourism, alternative medicine and spas. It promises wellbeing, peace of mind, vitality and holistic healthiness. It's no wonder the industry has grown by 10.6% between 2013-2015, from a $3.36 trillion to $3.72 trillion market. And it's not showing any signs of slowing down either. Each day, another startup is launched in this space, clamoring for attention and adoption. Here are 6 startups and trends you need to know about.

1. Nadi X - Smart Yoga Pants

Nadi X are yoga pants with an AI twist. These smart pants guide you through your yoga flow, by listening and responding to your body's movement. The pants are connected to your smartphone (via Bluetooth) and can detect what pose you're in, while you're in it, and what adjustments you need to make. The pants then send gentle vibrations to tell you how to perfect your pose. It's like having a yoga teacher by your side making adjustments as you go. Though the price point is steep, at $300, the goal is to democratize yoga by bringing the professionalism of an instructor into your home. CEO Billie Whitehouse says, "Nadi X connects you not only to your body to know where to focus your attention but also it brings the touch of your favorite instructor with you, where ever you go". Look out for a Nadi X bra, and other smart apparel in the near future.

2. Bowhead Health - Personalized Vitamins

Bowhead Health are the makers of an at-home medical device that monitors your health, and recommends solutions tailored to your specific needs. The machine takes a small prick of blood or saliva sample, and then sends the data to medical professionals who can make assessments and recommendations to improve your health outcomes. This gets fed back to the machine, which then creates a personal vitamin, made just for you. To launch, the company is focusing on vitamins and supplements, but plan to expand into treating a broad range of conditions and diseases. The medical data is managed by Blockchain technology, meaning medical records are secure, permanent and transferrable. This feature should directly cut down on data loss; a key problem in the medical industry.

3. Mobot - Portable Stretching

Water bottles are a saturated market, and there is a limit to how many features, functions and generally impressive a water bottle can be. But the Mobot has stepped beyond the confines of the hydration category, by simultaneously entering the burgeoning stretching market. As well as a functional water bottle, it is also a foam roller. Stretching is big business these days; with dedicated stretching labs popping up across the country. A good stretch can keep muscles flexible, strong, and healthy, and prevent muscle shortening and tightening. Mobot allows you to hydrate and stretch on the go, and look good while doing it.

4. Four Sigmatic - The Mushroom Movement

Mushrooms are an unsung superfood, poised to enjoy the same meteoric rise as goji, acai and kale. And Four Sigmatic are on a mission to spread its powers. The two friends from university left their jobs at Google and Citi to found Four Sigmatic and help people make better beverage choices. Founder Tero Isokauppila says, "We were founded with the goal of cutting through the hype and truly helping people consume more of one of the world's most scientifically studied superfoods". Mushrooms are proven to fight cancer, quell inflammation, balance blood sugar, boost memory and concentration and are one of the very few naturally occurring sources of vitamin D. Four Sigmatic create a range of Mushroom coffees, elixirs and cocoas that aim to provide a healthier alternative to their existing counterparts. This is the beginning of the mushroom movement; we can expect to see mushrooms cropping up in more foods and supplements.

5. Habit - Personalized Nutrition

The founder of Plum Organics, Neil Grimmer, didn't waste much time in between launching blockbuster businesses. His latest brainchild, Habit uses your biometric data to recommend a dietary plan just for you. Not only does it tell you what you should and shouldn't eat, based on your data and your personal health goals, it devises a meal plan for you. Then, to complete the process, it sends meal kits with these optimized meal ingredients to your door. The service also includes a 'Health Coach' to help you as you transition from dietary disaster to finely tuned exemplary eating. Anything tailored to you increases the chances of adherence, and therefore or enabling real change.