We're running around from one thing to the next and rarely taking time to pause. The result? Lots of things crossed off a to do list, but little time given to big, breakthrough thinking that has the power to cataclysmically change our business. If you jump from meeting to meeting, pausing to shuffle through your inbox, it's no wonder that you'll end up in an idea desert, dry of inspiration and insight. Rather than see a break as an indulgence, see it as innovation fuel and a vital ingredient for breakthrough thinking.

Let's start with a bit of theory. A good break should refresh and inspire you. And the best way to do that is to change your brain state. Taking 15 minutes to watch something fascinating will help renew your energy and give you stimulus to connect dots to your own challenge.

On The Screen

If you are going to stay glued to a screen, at least make it work for you. Spend some time losing yourself down inspiration warrens, learning something new and blowing your mind

Incredible Things 

This website is a jumbled mix of the weirdest things on the internet that have become niche services or products. Though they live definitively on the fringe, they provide cracking insight into consumer trends and are indicative of the way in which many categories are moving. Spend some time trawling worlds related to your own work, as well as those far beyond.

The Dieline

This website is for packaging and shows the latest designs and design trends coming up in the world. The site often features student designers, who provide insight into design trends, as seen by the next generation. Additionally, they often create fictional, but new to the world products, so you can gain further insight into how a young mind sees how the world is evolving.

The Book Cover Archive

This site shows pages and pages of books and is an instant hit of powerful design, potent typography and intriguing titles. Scroll the collections and fuel up on inspiration. The covers are creativity in action and will help inspire new thoughts and unlock new ways of seeing things. For an extra creative hit, try combining two titles and see what the new subject area would be. Don't judge, just enjoy it.

On The Move

One great way to clear your head is to take a stroll. And when you stroll, you can soak up creativity with some killer podcasts. These three will take you out of the ordinary and into some potent new worlds.

Ear Hustle

This powerful podcast tells the story of prison inmates inside San Quentin State Prison, and their hustle and endeavors from the inside. The stories are eye opening, real, raw and will expand your empathy, change your perspective and expose you to a new level of tenacity and strength. 

Desert Island Discs

This BBC staple has been going since the 1970s and invites celebrities, entrepreneurs, musicians, artists, actors and visionaries to talk about what 8 songs, 1 book and 1 luxury item they'd take with them if they were locked on a desert island. From Bill Gates, to Keith Richards, Stella McCartney, Annie Lennox and John Cleese, you'll hear the stories behind their songs and get a burst on inspiration.

Song Exploder

This musical mandate of a podcast invites musicians to break down the story of how they came up with their song. You'll hear detailed accounts of how the song came together, the meaning of the lyrics, the assembly of the melody and the inner workings of the creative process. It's art in action and will be sure to recharge your imagination.

Published on: Nov 14, 2017