Ever wondered what makes some people highly successful in life while others struggle with basic things?

The answer lies in developing habits which yield highly successful results. These habits can be adopted by a simple change of mindset. But in order to do so, we need to know what are the best habits to follow for achieving success in life. After all, a simple Google search for "successful habits" will give you 181,000,000  results. Not quite an exact answer!

Here is a compilation of 6 highly successful habits a person should follow based on various scientific studies and research.

1. Focus on one task at a time.

Multi-tasking can be more a drawback than a boon. According to research conducted by Stanford University, multitasking makes you less productive as compared to excelling in one single task. The research found that multitasking leads to lack of attention, difficulty in switching between tasks, and a general fall in productiveness. 

2. Practice Yoga. 

According to a study by American Psychological Association, those who practiced yoga showed a reduction in stress and better improvement in sleep quality. Due to the healing characteristics of yoga which perfectly fit as an answer to the stressful corporate juggernaut we live in.  This ancient Indian practice has become an ideal habit to follow for achieving a successful life. 

3. Make fewer decisions. 

Get rid of making decisions on a regular basis. A research by Kathleen D. Vohs of the University of Minnesota found that decision making brings down the same resources used by our brain for self-control and active responding. The research found that making a lot of choices during the day causes a general lack of stamina, more procrastination, reduction in persistence and lower ability to do arithmetic calculations. Focus on reducing situations where you have to make a choice as it will reduce the side effects and fatigue to your brain as listed above.

4. Write down the specifics of productive habits. 

To have successful habits, one needs to actually do them. Now that is easier said than done. Hence, to really inculcate productive habits into our routine, we need to write them down. According to a study conducted by the British Journal of Health Psychology, people who set up an action plan of when and where to work had a 91 percent success rate of actually doing exercise that week. Now comparing this to two other study groups, a control group and a group which only read motivational pamphlets, the success rate was 38 and 35 percent respectively. 

5. Seek out for challenging environments you have no experience with. 

John Lehrer's study found that when the brain encounters unfamiliar settings, the part of the brain called the anterior superior temporal gyrus will have an "aha moment" of the type which is usually related with key breakthroughs. Neuroscientist Gregory Berns further elaborates that when the brain is confronted with a stimulus that it has not encountered before does it start to reorganize perception. The surest way to provoke the imagination then is to seek out environments you have no experience with.

6. Have a growth-oriented mindset. 

Carol Dweck, a researcher from Stanford University found that there are 2 different approaches to life that separates the highly successful from the rest. These two habits are:

  • Fixed Mindset 
  • Growth Mindset

A fixed mindset believes our character, intelligence, and creative ability are static and cannot be altered or improved. They think success is the result of inherent intelligence and it cannot be improved, altered or changed in any way as it is a static given.

A growth mindset believes in thriving on challenges and sees failures not as evidence of unintelligence but as a groundwork for growth and improving existing circumstances and abilities.

A person who inculcates growth mindset among their list of habits is bound to succeed as they are willing to accept both success and failure in equal measure.  They understand that they may need to try several times in order to succeed and hence are constantly adoptive to failure as means of analysis and learning to achieve success in the next try.

In conclusion, a rewiring of your mindset to acclimatize to these 6 habits can lead to dramatic changes in life and successful results.

Which one are you going to try first?

**Abhik Shome contributed to this article.