Gary Vaynerchuk is not known to be a politically correct thought leader, and that is what will make this article so damn interesting, even to the point of polarizing some of us.

Not the kind of man who minces his words in any way, Gary evangelizes a school of thought which is straightforward, honest and that which works best towards achieving success in life. The end result is a collection of advice which may alienate him from some people, but win absolute loyalty from followers who see the logic behind it.

In a Youtube interview earlier this year, Gary once again chooses not to take the popular route and gives a tip which might come as a difficult pill to swallow for some people. However, if you see the logic behind it, you will see why this tip makes all the sense in the world.

Fair warning: this might change your entire outlook on your social life.

Choose friends who will help you succeed.

Drop one loser friend and replace it with one winner friend. Go through the friends you hang out with and have a very serious conversation with yourself about the "relationship value" they bring to the table. Based on that, audit your circle and replace one loser friend with a winner.

Now at first glance, most of you may not echo the same sentiment as channeled by him, but this advice is along the same lines as what one of the greatest motivational speakers, Jim Rohn once said: "We are the average of the five people we spend the most time with."

When it comes to relationships, we are heavily influenced by the energy and dynamics of people we interact the most with. It affects our thought process along with our decisions, as their ethos rub on us in a very subconscious way. So the more you interact and hang out with the right kind of people (the ones who share your goals and passions in life) the more they will bring you up to your game.

Cathartic increase in motivation.

The time spent with them will lead to a cathartic increase in motivation, which in turn will lead to a deep dive towards being productive, functional and operational towards your goals. Your mind will subconsciously imbibe a temperament which will lead you to constantly think of new ways, methods, and actions to come closer to your goals. This is because you will be constantly engaged in conversations and lifestyle stances with people working towards similar objectives.

Compare this with "friends" who do not share the same stance on life goals as you, and you will be surrounded by people who misunderstand you, vilify your focus, and affect your self-esteem, whilst hindering your progress by distracting you with mundane talk. Overall, they will only bring you down with their complacency and sluggish attitude towards life, even to the point of demotivating you completely from your goals.

"However," says psychologist Dr. Monica O'Neal, "One may find that they do not have to be so intentional in this process by getting rid of a "loser" friend for a "winner" one. Simply by changing your social activities, conversation topics, frequency of exercising, or spiritual practices, whom you once prioritized hanging out with, will likely not want to hang out with you anymore. Ultimately shifting the composition of your friend groups."

"They might even criticize you as now being boring, too health-conscious, or even preachy, using that as the reasons why they don't want to hang with you. However, hold fast and do not backslide because the truth is something that I always tell my own patients: those folks just don't make the cut!"

Conclusion: Find people who share the same goals.

Gary rounds up his point by giving us an actionable tip in the end: research and attend at least ten meet-ups in your niche and make new friends from among those circles. The more people you meet who are hungry for success in your niche, the more driven you become in achieving your goals.

**Abhik Shome contributed to this article.