We may all try to say our prayers and take our vitamins, but at the end of the day, most of us may find ourselves caught in the clutches of some unhealthy habits.

It can be as damaging as a smoking or drinking habit, or something seemingly innocuous, such as a TV show binge tendency.

Now we all know that these addictions are not good for us. There are literally millions of articles out there on the internet doing enough to spell out the vices of the issues. What will be more beneficial for our conversation here today is to find a way to stop the urges for these addictions, in order to uproot the very cause of the problem.

Based on this, Tony Robbins has invented a way for us to train our brain to feel repulsed by these vices. Yes, this means that we can not only stop our desire for them but actually feel repulsed and disgusted by the very thought of it!

The Pizza Trick

In a demonstration of this mindset tool in one of his famous seminars, Robbins invited an audience member onstage and asked him what his No. 1 vice was. The audience member replied that he is a big time pizza fan. When asked how would he rate his love for pizza from -10 to 10, he rated his love as a 12.

Then Robbins put a pizza in front of him and asked him to imagine something bad about it to bring the level of his love for it to level eight. This made the audience member think of something bad, such as: the pizza was not hot enough, was missing a topping, etc.

Robbins then asked him to make it come down to a three, which made him imagine the pizza having a topping he didn't like. Doubling down on it, Tony urged him to go even further, as the rating kept coming down from three to zero to -three. He now started imagining the pizza as stale and sitting out for a while. As the exercise kept going, the pizza became more and more an object of repulsion in the man's mind.

By using the mind to trigger the senses to feel something bad about the pizza, he kept adding more and more feelings of negativity towards it. Near the end, he started smelling the rottenness of the pizza, saying the cheese on the pizza was rancid and that he could not stand the sight out of it. Literally begging to not hold the pizza a minute longer, he called off the exercise.

At the very end of the exercise, in a demonstration of its effect, Tony again put the pizza in front of him and asked him to smell it. The very pizza he loved so much was now an object of disgust for him, and he refused to take a single bite.

The Power of the Mind

Thus, this exercise shows the power of the mind to tune and train our senses to respond the way we want. This power can be used to control any urges or bad addictions by triggering the senses to build a distaste for it.

This is done by actively imagining pieces of disgusting things and picturing them on the addiction. This will trigger the senses to think more and more negatively of this addiction, ultimately feeling a lifelong disgust for it.

Here's some actionable advice for you: Pick any of the addictions you currently have and perform this mindset exercise. Keep the addictive item in front of you, along with a paper on which you can rate your current level of addiction from -10 to 10.

Then actively imagine something bad about the addiction, voluntarily bringing the level more and more down. 

**Abhik Shome contributed to this article.