We are in the midst of an AI arms race. Amazon, Facebook, Google, IBM and Microsoft have all have made significant investments in artificial intelligence. The world of marketing has also changed rapidly--with AI and machine learning now offering brands a plethora of ways to tailor campaigns and deliver content and experiences based on consumer intent in the moment.

According to Fjuri CEO Thom Gruhler, former CMO of Microsoft Windows, the companies that are the most successful today obsess over product and customer experience.

"Winning as a marketer today takes both art and science," shares Gruhler. "With AI, marketers now have an opportunity to deliver smarter content and experiences in the moment."

Here are three ways brands and marketers can leverage AI to improve customer experience:

1. Understanding the customer journey through AI.

According to a recent study by Adobe, consumers spend nearly eight hours per day consuming digital content across multiple devices.

"By tapping into real-time location data, coupled with AI and machine learning, marketers can now spot patterns to better understand the consumer's mindset, and where, when and how to reach them most effectively," said Ben Billups, CEO of Billups, a leading Out-of -home advertising agency.

2. Personalizing content at scale.

There is incredible potential to make the work of creating content more efficient through the use of natural-language processing and AI. In fact, Gartner estimates 20 percent of all business content this year will be authored by machines.  

AI can take the process of making creative decisions from long and painstaking, to near instantaneous. What's more, artificial intelligence can also help create more relevant and personalized experiences for customers in real time.

"With AI and machine learning, marketers are able to design experiences and more effectively experiment at scale," says Fjuri CEO Thom Gruhler." "You can now pull real-time experience data and use it to develop and deliver the best creative concept, image or content to the consumer in the moment."

3. Boost content performance with AI.

Today's marketers need to take an omni-channel approach to understanding the customer journey, from start to finish, including which content formats, platforms and channels will get your content in front of the right customer at just the right moment.

Ultimately, you want to provide a fully custom tailored solution down to the individual level. The challenge, however, is the shear amount of data marketers collect every day.

Olly Downs, Founder and Chief Scientist at AI Marketing company, Amplero says marketers are overwhelmed by the task of testing and optimizing millions of possible customer interactions.

"We currently make 24 billion marketing decisions a week, helping large consumer brands to get the right message to the right customer at the right time," said Downs. "For example, we've been able to help Sprint reduce the number of messages they send to their customers, while improving their base marketing return by 6.5 times in a 10-month period."

The future of AI may yet be uncertain, but smart marketers are already finding creative ways to tap into its potential. From improving your understanding of the customer, to enhancing and personalizing the customer experiences with your brand, the possibilities with AI are endless. Whatever happens with AI, one thing is certain: companies and marketers that don't embrace it now could miss out on an important strategic advantage and risk losing their competitive market edge for the future.