Anyone can snap a photo and upload it to Instagram. This means that our feeds are constantly flooded with endless streams of artsy teen accounts, celebrity-holding-a-Starbucks selfies, and filtered snapshots from nature photographer wannabes.

However, this is precisely what makes Instagram a great platform for publicity. The goal of a small business entrepreneur is essentially to attract customers by uploading high quality material. Amidst all those "anyone's" and "somebody's", there lies one of the largest potential customer bases of the twenty-first century.

Instagram, the King

Instagram is the king of the social media sphere, so if you want people to notice you, it's time to up your photo game on the global platform. This article will give you some tips and tricks to keep in mind in order to accrue a continuously increasing following and get those likes to snowball.

It's getting harder. Instagram recently unrolled a new feature called Algorithm, which sorts your feed not based on chronological post order like we're used to, but based on several intricate factors. Some of these factors are influencer/audience engagement, relevance to your interests, and time spent viewing a certain post.

The purpose of the new algorithm-based sorting is to ensure that quality content gets viewed first. This provides the opportunity for great accounts to shine. Here are three tips to make sure your Instagram account is primed for publicity and producing content that stands out.

Get familiar with the statistics.

Understanding the nature of Instagram and its user body is critical in leveraging the platform to increasing your content's reach and customer engagement. To better grasp where Instagram currently stands, and where it is heading as a marketing tool, take note of the following statistical indicators:

-Top brands post around five times a week.

-60% of these top brands use a consistent filter to maintain a certain 'look' for their brand.

-95 million Instagram photos are shared per day.

-75% of Instagram users take action, such as visiting a website link, after viewing an ad post.

Make your photos eye-catching.

Posting standout pictures and videos, and constructing an exceptional gallery of content on your Instagram is the first step towards getting noticed. Whatever it is you are posting, it has to be quality and visually beautiful to get recognized by the Instagram community.

Photographer Laibel Schwartz of Laibel Schwartz Photography, explains how you can achieve this. "In photography, lighting is key when it comes to catching someone's eye...make sure that the essence of the image, the subject, is the brightest part of the picture."

In a day and age when heavy filtering and extensive editing is viewed as the vehicle to more views, utilizing natural light often provides the most appeal. "One of the world's most beautiful places to find natural light in, is by placing the subject in the doorway, with the light beyond the subject and the shadow right behind," said Schwartz.

Make it all about your brand.

Use your post to tell your story, show off your team, and inform your audience what inspires your company. Capture your brand's culture and make sure your photos communicate it.

"I always advise clients that the best way to get more publicity is to clearly show their audiences what their brand is at its core, and what value it brings to the table, said Alvina Alston, CEO of New York-based PR firm More Media. "Keeping your every action central to your brand ensures that people will gain familiarity, trust, and interest in your offering."

It's also a great idea to run contests and promotions every so often in order to involve your followers. Have a business hashtag that's unique to your reputation and mission, and ask readers to comment or repost, offering whatever incentives you can provide.

This makes all the difference, because once you've got that personal connection, you're no longer just another dispassionate business out there to snag sales. By inviting your followers behind the scenes and showing interest in their involvement, you are essentially thrusting a hand out to thousands of potential customers who now want to be a part of your story.

Persist, Persist, Persist

After all is said and done, be persistent. Rome wasn't built in a day; however, they were laying bricks every hour.

The worst thing you can do is become inactive. Keep up an active presence on social media, engage your audience with captivating photos, and sooner or later you will see the fruits of your effort. Through trial and error, you will become familiar with what your followers appreciate. Invest all your talents, experiment, and celebrate your milestones by thanking your followers. Instagram might just be that final springboard that will catapult your business into the higher planes.

Liba Rimler contributed to this article.