The future is indeed here.

Imagine having a Knight Rider-styled car, which automatically takes you to the destination of your choice the moment you sit in it.

All you "David Hasselhoffs" out there, it's time to rejoice! If we go by what Elon Musk just revealed about Tesla's plans, this futuristic technology in a car is soon going to be an actual reality (Sorry KITT, but Tesla even looks better!)

In a response to a post on Twitter, the billionaire entrepreneur and CEO of Tesla revealed how the self-driving car's artificial intelligence system will be able to determine where the driver wants to go.

In a Twitter conversation with user James Harvey, Musk suggested that for future Teslas, the car will be able to predict the destination without the driver having to say a word.

When further asked about how the car would know where to go, another Twitter user suggested that if you are going to your car at the same time you go to work every day, the car's intelligence system would inculcate the schedule within its system.

"Yeah, don't exactly need to be Sherlock Holmes," Musk simply chimed in.

All Tesla cars are installed with intelligent tech necessary to complete self-driving capabilities, inclusive of eight cameras and a computer that sees and hears in all directions.

The car will not only be able to listen to and respond to directional commands but will also have access to your schedule calendar, which in turn will feed the car with information about where you want to go. We are looking at complete journey automation here.

Having said that, cars sold right now to consumers do not have this autonomous nature as Tesla's distribution of the requisite software is currently pending regulatory approval.

Indeed, as advanced as these systems are now for Tesla, it is still not classified by the Society of Automative Engineers under what it considers Level 5 autonomy.

However, Tesla has confirmed that an updated autopilot hardware with a new software is up in the plans. Internally titled HW 2.5, it is expected to hit the markets before the end of this year. This will equip Tesla with the required upgrades to attain Level 5 autonomy, and could possibly open the doors to a sci-fi induced future, where our Tesla car will be able to predict our destination the moment we sit down.

**Abhik Shome contributed to this article