It's almost here--the season of pumpkin carving, wacky costumes and getting a free pass to eat as much candy as your heart desires. 

Why do we look forward to Halloween every fall? Maybe it's because we can break tradition for a few days, pretend to be someone else, and eat first fulls of Snickers. Whatever it is, there's something about this autumn holiday that sparks excitement in people of every age.

Take this opportunity to sneak some Halloween fun into your marketing materials to re-engage your customers and get them excited about your fall promotions. Here are seven creative Halloween marketing ideas you can start using right away.

1. Send out a spooky email promotion

.Email marketing is a helpful tool to keep your customer base engaged in your promotions and content. But sending plain white emails every week can get boring.

To switch things up, why not send a spooky email message with Halloween-inspired copy and design? Think black backgrounds and white text, ghost and pumpkin graphics, or telling a scary story in your copy to draw your readers into the text.

How could you resist opening an email titled "I almost didn't survive..." or "My (true) ghost story..."? Since interest is high, this is an opportune time to add a link to a fall-themed promotion or sale on your website.

2. Run a fall-themed social media giveaway.

As summer fades, the internet buzzes with talk about pumpkin-flavored treats, apple cider, boots, and anything that makes us think of fall. Capitalize on this trend by offering a giveaway of must-have fall items or your own products that you've customized for fall.

The rules are up to you. Ask customers to upload photos with a special hashtag you've written or encourage them to like, share, comment or tag their friends--these actions increase engagement and visibility of your brand on social media.

For example, a fitness brand could give away workout gear in fall colors, or a tea company might give away a special bundle of spice and cinnamon-flavored teas.

3. Host an employee Halloween contest.

Customers love to peek behind the scenes of their favorite brands. By showcasing your fun company culture through your blog or social media, you make it easy for customers to relate to your brand.

For Halloween, why not host a friendly contest for your employees? For example: create a hilarious costume, carve the most unique pumpkin design, make the best candy apple, eat as much pie as you can in 10 minutes, or use your product to do something creative for fall.

Hold the contest a few weeks before Halloween and post the candid shots of the event to your blog and social media so your customers and readers can enjoy the content before the holiday comes. To increase engagement, pair the photos with some helpful tips or fun ideas for celebrating Halloween with friends.

4. Encourage community trick-or-treating.

For parents and children, going door to door trick-or-treating is the big highlight of the Halloween season. If your target customers fit either of these categories, you can serve them by posting fun tips for trick-or-treating. For example: never-before-seen costume ideas, homemade candy recipes, or silly phrases to say instead of "Trick or Treat!" Alternatively, giving your customers helpful safety tips for trick-or-treating shows your concern for their safety, which can build trust in your brand.

5. Create a customer challenge with a prize.

A customer challenge can have two major benefits for your brand: it not only increases engagement, but also helps you to discover new ways to use your products.

To create a challenge, ask your customers to make something for Halloween using your product (or related to your business) and award a prize to the best submission. You can post on social media, create a video, send an email, or write a blog post to let your readers know of the challenge.

For example, a kitchenware brand may award a brand-new toaster to the person who designs the most creative Halloween toast. A fashion brand may challenge customers to share their best fall outfit using the brand's shoes, and award a new pair of its most popular fall shoes to the winner. You'll be surprised at what your customers come up with!

6. Change up your website design.

To engage your customers a special treat when they visit your website, customize your design with a whimsical Halloween or fall theme. Add spooky effects like fog or ghosts, darken your color scheme, or add a witch hat or cat ears to your brand logo or mascot.

If you'll be sending a spooky email promotion (see number 1), it's best to use the same colors and design elements in both your email and website to give your customers a seamless experience.

7. Halloween-ify your marketing collateral.

If you're pressed for time, there's no need to come up with a brand-new marketing campaign for the Halloween season. Instead, you can modify the materials you're already planning to send out.

Some ideas: edit headlines or body copy to match the Halloween theme, dress up the design in fall colors, or add spooky visuals like ghosts, cats, and witches. If you're already offering product bundles, you can easily create a new bundle by adding fall-themed items and giving it a Halloween-inspired name.

Are you ready to get into the Halloween spirit? Choose one of these ideas and implement it into your marketing strategy this fall. Then, go ahead, eat all the candy you want--no one's looking.