"I'll have one of those drinks I saw on TV!" enthusiastically exclaimed my mother to the Red Robin waiter. I chuckled realizing that television and traditional radio were still the most popular ways she consumed the majority of her media. Working in digital media, it can be easy to focus on the new, shiny marketing platforms that make up the world of online advertising. But forgetting traditional media can be a big mistake--especially if they are the primary ways your demographic consumes their media.

As technology develops, online marketing methods and on-demand media will continue to steal the limelight from traditional marketing mediums including TV, radio, and outdoor. But these older mediums are very far from antiquated. Here's why:

1. Get an invitation into the home with television advertising.

"I know an appliance sale that we should go to," my mother said. She had been shopping for a dishwasher.

"Where did you hear about it?" I asked.

"They had a commercial on last night." A few times a week, my mother sits down in front of the television to watch a few of her favorite shows. Though she's started to use an on-demand option like Netflix, she also watches talk shows and basic cable.

TV lets you demonstrate the benefits of a product or service in an easy to understand and engaging way. It's one thing to tell someone that a product or service will make them happier and healthier. It's entirely another to show a before and after picture of a real-world gym client after they lost fifty pounds. It's even better to show video of them jogging and smiling down a trail with the sun dappling between the leaves overhead, upbeat music playing in the background, and a satisfied smile on their face. By picking a spokesperson that resonates with your targeted demographic, you can create an instant sense of reliability and use sight and sound together to invoke specific emotions.

Every channel has a specific audience, and TV has basically done a big chunk of the marketing workload upfront for you. A lot of modern digital marketing tactics can feel like hurling messages in a bottle over a wall with a blindfold on. With some channels, you know who the viewers are upfront and can better focus your marketing efforts on specific demographics. Local channels are well suited to targeting a single state or city, but if you want to get even more local, think radio.

2. Tap into the power of active listening with radio.

Some people talk about old time radio programs--the ones that predated television--with hushed awe. They claim their minds were much more engaged than when watching TV because they had to use their imagination. They may be onto something. We listen to radio. Active listening is a powerful tool to appeal to an analytical audience who really wants to process what you're saying.

Many of us are stuck in a car twice a day for our morning commute. So when your business is trying to build up an audience along a popular commute path, local radio can be an excellent resource. To get even more localized, there is a final level you can drill down to.

3. Capture those heading down the highway with outdoor.

From buses to billboards, outdoor advertising has one major, simple advantage: it can't be turned off. Traditional marketing mediums are a great way to introduce your business locally--especially if you're new in town. It doesn't sleep or take a break. It doesn't air at certain times. Even more localized then radio, think of outdoor venues as a surgical precision tool for local marketing strategies. For local advertising, the direction the ad faces is just as important as the ad itself. A bus stop bench ad facing a grocery store is a great place to put an ad for kitchenware.

If you and your team are good at chumming it up, then don't forget about outdoor conventions, races, and other events. The theme of the event does a lot to draw specific demographics for you, and if the weather cooperates, it can put people in a relaxed, receptive mood that no other medium can match.

Don't let these three marketing mediums fall off your radar, especially if you are focusing on local marketing strategies! They might be the key to getting your small business from new kid to cool kid and bring you to the next step of your entrepreneurial journey.