How many hours per week do you spend on your phone? And how many of those hours are spent mindlessly scrolling through social media?

We live in a world where everyone's good news--everyone's successes--are always visible and easy to access, all the time. In this environment, it's all too easy to compare yourself to other people. But you'll need to overcome this obstacle if you're going to see your own success as a founder. Here's why.

1. Success is a process, and everyone's process is different. 

The first thing to remember is that business success is a process, not a result. The people you see who have great success are also in the same process you're in. Chances are, they've been in the process longer than you have, and you're only seeing their results. Learn to love the process, not the result, and you'll soon surpass the people who seem to be successful now.

Remember that you need to take risks to achieve your idea. You can't stay in your comfort zone and hope to succeed. But risks carry the chance of failure. Yes, you might fail. But if you don't take a risk, you won't succeed. Move forward knowing that failure is part of the process.

2. Success takes time. 

If you could get it in a week, without much effort, would it really be worth anything to you? The feeling of success is so exhilarating because of the hard work that goes into it. The harder you work, the better success will feel, and the more you'll be able to appreciate it.

Often, it seems like our peers are overnight successes, but behind the scenes they've often put in nights and weekends to get them to where they are. Life isn't a race and everyone has their own path. Comparing yourself to others will only bring you down. A positive attitude will keep you on your own path to success.

3. Social media is contrived--don't believe everything you see. 

Scroll through your Instagram feed and you'll see dozens of perfectly curated and edited photos. Instagram is not real life--it's often a snapshot of a life highlight and a contrived image. Don't compare yourself to edited images or you'll only set yourself up for failure. 

If you're struggling with comparison, there are two quick fixes that can work in an afternoon. The first is to surround yourself with good friends or supportive people who know you well. They can encourage you to fix your perspective.

The second is to simply unplug. Turn off the phone, switch off the router, and find enjoyment in something else.

Success in business is open to everyone. Take these insights, tackle the challenges as they come, and go make your dreams a reality.