As a business owner there are never enough hours in the day. You might find yourself waking up early and staying up late wondering how you'll ever get everything done. I often find myself in this predicament. 

Little changes in your daily routine can pay dividends in the long term for business success. Here's three ways I work on improving my business and self while doing everyday tasks. 

1. Learn a language while walking. 

Over the past month, every time I walk somewhere, I open my language learning app and start learning Greek. As I walk, I listen to new words, repeat them. There are hundreds of free and paid applications available to expedite your learning. Two I like include Babble and Duolingo. 

Sure, I may look crazy talking to myself, but who cares. In six months, I'll have mastered the language while a passerby will have long forgotten about me. Learning a new language can open up new business opportunities abroad and can help you better connect with clients, employees and partners from different backgrounds. 

The next time you're walking somewhere, pull out your phone and start mastering a new language. Don't want to learn a language? You can also use walking time to catch up with a college by phone or reach out to another entrepreneurial friend for a quick brainstorm session. 

2. Engage with your customers at the post office, bank or other boring place with a line. 

Whenever I'm standing in line somewhere, I put the idle time to good use. I turn to my social media channels for my company and start writing tweets, engaging customers or networking with new partners and customers social media. A quick 10 minutes put into your social channels can pay dividends in the long term by growing your audience to increase reach and engagement. 

Technology has advanced so much in recent years that you can knock out a big chunk of work simply from your mobile device. The next time you find yourself thinking "when will this line ever end?" (Like at a NYC Trader Joe's) pick up your phone and get to work. 

3. Brainstorm during your workout. 

Moving my body always helps get my creative wheels spinning. When I'm working out, I try to use the time to not only work on my health, but also my business. During workouts, I use the time to think about problems I'm facing with my business and how to solve them. I'll often use the time to also think about new product ideas for my store.

During my workouts, if I have a good idea, I'll jot it down on my phone to remember it for later.  The next time you're at the gym, let your creative wheels turn! 

I hate productivity articles that urge you to always be working and never waste a second. These tips will help you fill up space where you would otherwise be bored and help occupy your mind to make the time go by faster.