"I want to start a side-hustle!"

I've heard this statement from countless friends. When I encourage them to start something they tell me they need to have thousands of dollars saved up or a great idea. I quickly tell them that both of these things are not true. 

Today, you can start a side-hustle with as little as $20 with a mediocre idea. You don't have to have the best idea in the world to get started, simply start something and improve it as you go. I started an online store for fun and recommend it to anyone looking to get started with side-hustling.

If you're thinking about starting a store, these three resources can help you get started. 

Choose a print-on-demand supplier.

I used to make gifts for my friends and family and one day decided to put it online. To my surprise my good and bad ideas quickly started selling. It was amazing to see what people on the internet will pay for and today I'm now making a steady stream of income from my store. To fulfill orders in my store I use print-on-demand technology. 

I've written about this technology before and I'll continue to sing its praises until I die. Print- on-demand is an easy way to start your own store where you can print on item at a time and have it fulfilled directly to your customer. With this technology you can run your store from anywhere in the world with an internet connection and your computer. 

Create mockups and designs with ease. 

"But I'm not a designer" is the biggest thing stopping my friends from starting their own stores. It's okay, I'm not a designer either. I come up with designs and then work with talented designers to make my ideas a reality. 

Even if you're not a graphic designer, you can take text based designs and put them on mockups to create dazzling products. Two tools I use are SmartMocks and PlaceIt. The Envato Marketplace also has thousands of mockups and graphics that you can purchase and use for commercial use. 

Setup a storefront. 

Hundreds of storefronts exist today. From Amazon to Tictail to Etsy there are so many places you can sell your products that you can get setup on in a mere matter of hours. Other out of the box e-commerce solutions like SquareSpace, Wix, WooCommerce and Shopify also exist for you to quickly setup a storefront. Using these tools you can start a business from anywhere you can fit your computer. Whether you're in a dorm room or at home, start making your business dreams come true today. 

What are you waiting for? Take the next few hours and get to work on your store. If you start now, you can have one ready by dinnertime!