'Tis the season for turkey, lights and presents galore. There's no better time to lend others a helping hand during the season of giving. 

When I talk to many business owners and friends they tell me, "I'll give back when I have more money." I used to hold this belief too until I realized that even small contributions can make a big impact.  Even if you aren't in a position to give monetarily, you can donate your time that can often pay dividends for an organization. 

Here are three ways you and your team can give back this holiday season. 

1. Give back a percentage of sales.

One cause I'm very passionate about is Projeto Vida Corrida, who is helping to make Brazil a safer place by hosting group runs where children can stay safe and exercise together. In Capão Redondo, Brazil, children can't play outside alone for risk of gun violence. When I was in Brazil, one mother told me that the program was the only way her son could get outside and play. 

Neide Santos, the founder of Vida Corrida, tragically lost her son to gun violence and started the organization so other children don't have a similar fate. Neide has suffered so much yet she's dedicated her life to help others. During the holiday season, my company has committed to giving them back 10% to percent of all sales from the shop. 

Committing a percentage of sales or revenue an be an easy way to help a great organization and gain exposure for a cause. Donating a percentage of sales can be helpful in spreading awareness to customers, and your donation can positively impact a non-profits program.

2. Donate employee time.

Though the holidays are busy, there is always time to help others. During the holidays, schedule your team on a group outing to volunteer together. Not only is this a good way to help others but can also help your team bond while trying to accomplish a common goal.

Take an afternoon out of the office to go to a food bank, an animal shelter and put your teams talent to use helping others. 

Have a great marketing team? Take on a cause and help them with some pro-bone work. Killer web team? Find a cause you're passionate about and help a non-profit revamp their digital precessed. There are so many ways you can use your skills to help. 

3. Host a fundraiser on behalf of a good cause. 

Chances are your business might have a Facebook page, mailing list or other marketing channel that can create awareness. This holiday season, use your marketing assets for good. Pick a cause you care about. Don't pick a cause because you think it might drive your business more sales--customer can see right through that and you'll quickly lose your authenticity. 

How will this effect profits you might be asking? Don't think about profits when thinking about giving back. At the end of your life, it won't matter how much money you made, but how much of an effort you made to help others. Many non-profits are lacking business savvy to drive donations--they could use yours to help them make a difference.