When I was in college, I would often stare at the ceiling during classes wishing I was anywhere but there.

While reading about marketing, I wanted to run my own campaigns. Instead of learning about business theory, I wanted to put the concepts in practice. There were times during my freshman year I thought, "school is pointless. I should just quit and start a business instead."

But for four years I stayed, and now I'm glad I did. Here's why.

You'll gain a valuable network who can open new doors. 

In business, you're only as strong as your network. The network I gained in college is still with me today. From friends I met in the entrepreneurship club, to fellow marketing classmates, many of my peers have now gone on to work at world class companies.

This network has opened new doors for me and has even provided new clients. When I first moved to New York City, it was an introduction from my network that got me my first job where I learned invaluable marketing knowledge. I now put this knowledge into practice with my own business today.

Whether or not you find college classes relevant, use your time in school to network like crazy and make as many connection as possible. Those connections may very well be your business partners one day.

You're given a golden ticket to network with literally anyone.  

Though I was bored to tears in a number of my classes, another great perk that came with my college education was a golden ticket to network.

What do I mean by this? I mean that if you're a college student, so many people are kind and eager to help you. When I was in school, I would email CEOs and thought leaders asking for advice or to be my mentor. Nine times out of 10, they would reply and help me in some way.

Today if I cold-emailed many of those same people, they'd be far less likely to assist. I feel very lucky for the great mentorship I received during my college education.

You have an amazing talent pool to collaborate with. 

When I was in college, I met two amazing people who I was able to work on a startup with together during my sophomore year. If I had not gone to college, it's likely I would not have had an experience that was so pivotal in my plans for entrepreneurship later.

Sure the course reading was sometimes boring, but the group projects and extracurriculars where real collaboration happened lead to some incredible learning and experiences. A college campus is filled with amazing individuals who are curious and ready to explore the world. Don't drop out of school to start a business. Start a business while you are in school. And if your business takes off, then by all means, sure-drop out! But before it does, stay on campus and get as much help and support as you possibly can. 

College can be a great place for many things--take advantage of your network while you are there. For the tuition price alone it was worth the cost to gain such a robust network. Instead of dropping out of college, I'd recommend starting a business while you are in school and then leverage the alumni network and school business resources to help your startup grow. You'll be glad you did.