In your business, are you the type that tinkers with your logo, fonts, and colors until they're perfect? Or do you want to get straight to business without worrying about looks?

To build a successful brand, it's important to have a balance of good design and a solid business model. It's not advised to spend months perfecting a design while putting off other tasks like sales and marketing, but good design is crucial for a strong brand.

Design can make or break your business. Here are three reasons why you shouldn't skimp on design for your brand.

1. Bad design tarnishes your brand.

If you wouldn't show up to a first date looking like you just rolled out of bed, why would you present your business to the world without good design?

Your website, business cards, advertisements, and printed materials (every part of your brand identity) present a first impression of your design to your prospective customers.

If design is bad, your first impression is ruined. If the first impression is ruined, your prospects won't give you enough time to get to know your brand. They'll be too busy running out the door (and telling their friends to do the same).

2. Good design builds credibility.

When you're looking for a nice place to have dinner, what do you look for? You probably look to see if it's clean, smells good, and if everything is in place and organized. You may glance at the staff to see if they're smiling and look put together.

If you visit a restaurant and the waiters have stains on their clothes or the place is strewn with trash, you would not give that restaurant your money.


Because you can't trust the restaurant to give you a good experience. You naturally think: if they can't make the restaurant look nice, they can't possibly serve high-quality, hygienic food. If your choice is between a doctor in a white coat and a doctor in a dirty or badly-fitting coat, you'll choose the doctor in a white coat every time.

A good, organized appearance inspires trust. That's why it's important that you put thought into your design and make sure it's well-made and consistent.

When your design is up to par, prospective customers will be willing to believe that your business serves up a good experience (and they'll open up their wallets to prove it).

3. Good design stands out in a crowded marketplace. 

Good design doesn't just look good; it intuitively communicates who you are as a brand. When done well, it aligns with your brand personality and becomes your calling card.

If you want to stand out among hordes of look-a-like businesses and cookie-cutter design templates, invest in good design that tastefully communicates who you are.

Why does this work? Because your business fills a need that no one else can fill, and your logo and branding design, when it faithfully represents your unique value as a brand, will be unlike anything else. If your business shatters the status quo, your design should, too. If your business brings new innovation to your industry, your design should, too.

Logos for global brands like McDonald's, Disney, and Apple aren't particularly clever, but they are inseparable from each brand's personality and style. McDonald's logo has you smelling fresh-out-of-the-oil french fries, while Disney's quirky signature reminds you of the unique, hand-drawn style of his cartoons. Apple's logo, on the other hand, embodies the sleek and universal design of its products.

A talented designer will be able to translate your unique value as a brand into logos, colors, and design assets. If you want to woo your customers, win their trust, and have them remember you forever, you can't afford to ignore good design.​