When you're an entrepreneur, your mental state can make or break your business.

While my social media might look like 2019 has been off to a great start for me, it's been a rough last few weeks. Between mysterious health problems paired with some life drama, one of the most productive thing I did last week was eat a bag of Cheetos. Looking at the calender, I realized I'd been in a bad mental state for around for two weeks and was indulging in my self-defeat.

If you're feeling the same, you're not alone and it's possible to get out of your funk. I know it isn't easy. When you're feeling down, it is possible to get back to business and reach your goals.

Last weekend, I managed to turn my attitude around in 48 hours and gain back my productivity to work hard again on my business. Here's how you can too. 

1. Stop running away and feel everything. 

Far too often, when I'm feeling too many emotions, I book a trip somewhere, or distract myself with a million things to do besides think about what I'm actually feeling. Whether it's a death, a failed relationship or simply low self-confidence, I'm the master of distracting myself. And it can hurt my business. 

When I'm feeling sad, I'll go five parties in one weekend and talk to dozens of people. When I'm feeling heartbroken, I'll go on 10 dates in one week to fill the silence. This weekend, I just sat around and felt my feelings. I cried. I laughed. I watched sappy television shows. 

Simply having feelings helped me work through my mental clutter so less thoughts are lingering this week when I'm trying to tackle tough business problems. The next time you're not feeling motivated to work on your business because of your mental health, pull back and take a break, it's okay. 

2. Do something you've never done before. 

Whenever I'm feeling down, I sometimes get stuck in loops where I'm doing the same thing, day after day. Last weekend, I forced myself to try new things even though I might be bad at them. I committed to writing a few songs, even though I have no background in song writing.

Over the course of the weekend, I poured my emotions into words on paper. I then found a freelance marketplace called Fiverr where I could contract someone to help me with a melody and sing my song. Over the weekend, I wrote five new songs and produced a few of them with the help of a talented artist on the platform. Taking my frustrations and pain and putting them into words helped me work through my problems and gave me a finished product I could be proud of.

The next time you're feeling down, use your feelings to write a song, sketch a drawing, throw some paint on a canvas. Creation is one of the best feelings in the world and can help you work through your feelings too. This new found creativity can help re-motivate you to work on you business. 

3. Surround yourself with positivity. 

When your mental state is bringing you down, it's easy to feel even worse by surrounding yourself with negative people and content. 

Turn off that murder show on Netflix and put on something to help you laugh. Avoid your pessimistic friends and opt this week to hang out with the ones you can count on to be positive. When I'm sad, I like to listen to depressing music which always makes me feel even sadder. To help get my productivity and spark back, I'll put on an upbeat tune and try to sing it lift my mood. Even though it's hard, try to remove any negative triggers that might bring you and your business down.

While feeling sad, depressed or anxious may feel like a black hole, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Doing something creative or surrounding yourself with positivity won't cure you instantly, but it will help you find your way towards the light.