Forget bulls and doughboys--if you're a young company and don't have a corporate logo, you may be better off. That'saccording to a man who makes his living designing corporate identities, William Drenttel, president of Drenttel Doyle Partners,a New York City design agency. Growing companies shouldn't spend a lot of time--or money--trying to create a symbol theycan call their own, he says.

"As more and more big companies go about creating or recreating their logos, you're bound to getlost in the clutter," Drenttel observes. A better bet for a small company that wants to work on its image is to pick out a goodtypeface--clean and classic may be best. But mostly, says Drenttel, "your best bet is to let your product's name stand foryour company." It's worked for businesses from Oshkosh to Smuckers to Marriott.