Matt Hession realized that his target customers were much too busy to fit a standard sales call into their tight schedules. So hedeveloped an irresistible solution: a one-minute sales pitch. When Hession takes off his watch to time himself, potentialcustomers "think it's fascinating," he says. "They say to themselves, 'Hey, the entertainment just walked in."

Hession is president of Key Medical Supply, a $3.2-million company, in Thibodaux, La., and his customers are pharmacists,with whom he allies to sell or lease medical equipment such as wheelchairs. He needs "to be able to ride down the highway andmake 15 to 20 cold calls a day. I can't have people say, 'Leave your card, and I'll call you back."

Using a carefully honed script, Hession tells pharmacists that he offers them a program just for independently owned drugstoresthat costs nothing and takes up little time. After 60 seconds, "I tell them my minute is up, because I want them to know that I ama person who means what he says. They are impressed that I manage to pull it off." When he calls a week later, he says, "Thisis Matt. I did the one-minute presentation. Have you had a chance to read over the contract I left with you?" Everyoneremembers him. Even more impressive, he says 90% end up signing contracts.