Feel as if you spend all day on the phone? Join the club. A recent survey by the American Management Association found that the majority of small-company CEOs spend one to three hours a day on calls. Jim Iversen knows the feeling. The general manager of W& H Systems, a $38-million integrator of material-handling systems in Carlstadt, N.J., says he often spends several hours a day on the phone. "To get anything done," Iversen says, he usually comes in around 6:30 a.m. and frequently stays past 5. To escape the barrage of calls, he works at home every Monday but calls in every hour to check his voice mail.

Source: Survey of 282 CEOs whose companies have revenues of less than $50 million, by the American Management Association, New York City, February 1997. Note: Some answers do not add up to 100% because of rounding.
How much time do you spend on the phone daily?
18% Less than one hour
68% One to three hours
11% Three to five hours
3% More than five hours
What's your policy on how soon you return phone calls?
44% The same day
30% Within 24 hours
5% Within 48 hours
1% Within one week
17% No policy
4% Other
Do you place your own calls?
97% Yes
3% No
Do you answer your own phone?
41% Yes
52% No
7% No answer


Published on: Jul 1, 1997