Think recycling might be good for the environment but not for your business? Mark Juarez, the CEO of Tender Loving Things Inc., found otherwise. At the $16-million San Leandro, Calif., company, which manufactures back massagers, a paper-use reduction and recycling plan yielded more than $130,000 in 1996 net savings. Here's how:

Shredding and packing. More than $125,000 in savings came from shredding paper and reusing it as packing material in outgoing shipments.

Using both sides. Now most sheets of paper get used at least twice, thanks to double-sided copying, a printer designated for first drafts, and notepads assembled from scrap paper.

Reusing boxes. Incoming boxes go out again stuffed with massagers. Since the boxes are often beat up, Juarez includes a note explaining the company's recycling policy.