Public Relations on the Net, by Shel Holtz
AMACOM, 1998, 332 pages, $24.95

"You don't have just one corporate brochure, so why would you have just one company Web site?" asks author Holtz.Net-savvy firms create different sites for different audiences with different objectives. Mattel Inc., for instance, offers a site just for fans of its popular Barbie doll ( Internet gives you the opportunity to manage your relations with target audiences uniquely, says Holtz. Take advantage of it. Public Relations on the Net offersyou specific ways to reach individual audiences and measure the effectiveness of your online efforts.For example, if you want to improve your relationship with the media, set up a media relations Web site. Provide breaking news, a contact list, position statements, an activity calendar, and press release archives. Don't lose the personal touch, however. Most reporters still don't use the Web to generate leads.This book also shows you how to set up sites that facilitate investor and community relations. Find out what to do if your organization is targeted by online activists. Learn how to put out other fires on the Net.PR is a new game with new rules today. This guidebook will help.

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