by D.A. Smith-Hemphill
AMACOM, 138 pages, $19.95

You know how most computer books are. You have to understand the subject in order to understand the author's explanation of it. Not this book on using the Internet. Even if you don't know pixels from pizza, you'll get along just fine. The terms used are understandable.

First, you will learn what the Internet and World Wide Web are all about. Next, basics on how you get into them and the tools that make this easy.

First lesson: Customize your start page. Here's the method the author uses throughout the book. Directions are told in steps, and this time four of them and for both Internet Explorer 4.0 and Netscape Navigator 4.0.

Now on to many subjects, discussion groups, newsgroups, e-mail, searching, and using an intranet.The final chapter is a lesson in making practical use of the Web.

One good recommendation is to go to Pull down the menu at Complete Business Resource! Select from the list of thirty subjects ranging from accounting to women's work, then begin exploring.

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