Having a hard time keeping up with all the changes in American business today? According to a recent study conducted by Penton Research Services, a unit of business-publishing giant Penton Media Inc., of Cleveland, there are more than 8,500 of those changes every business day. Here are some national averages:

  • New business incorporations: 3,196 per day.
  • Corporations going out of business or being acquired by another company: 2,621 per day.
  • Businesses changing their addresses: 1,984 per day.
  • Businesses changing their phone numbers: 704 per day.
  • Corporations changing their names: 8 per day.
Penton Research Services studies business-to-business marketing trends. The company compiled the above statistics from a variety of sources, including Dun & Bradstreet, Enterprises IG, and the IRS. The number of changes on the average business day was calculated by dividing annual figures by 250, which assumes a five-day workweek and 10 holidays each year.