"If you write a good ad, it' s the start of the whole thing," says Lou Adler, president of Power Hiring, an interviewworkshop and software firm in Tustin, CA. Unfortunately, most ads are being written the way they were written 100 years ago.

Treat job candidates as if they were a scarce resource, not a commodity. By doing that, recruiters will start writing morecreative titles and tantalizing ads.

There are three components to an ad - having, doing, and becoming. "The having is the list of experiences andresponsibilities and duties of the job. It' s very static and boring, and in many ways, misleading. It also precludes thebest people from applying," Adler tells Recruiting Trends.

Recruiters need to write ads that focus on the doing, what the person will do on the job, and the becoming, what theperson will become by taking this job. "These are the compelling features of the job. Why if you take the job, you' ll bebetter than you are today," Adler says.

Focus on what candidates need to do with what they have, not what they need to have. For example:

  • Don' t say: Five years of engineering experience and an electrical degree needed.
  • Say: Design three new telecommunications products over the next year.
  • Don' t say: Three years of Java experience and B.S. degree in computer science required.
  • Say: Develop new Internet e-commerce site.
Also, do away with boring titles - those are never read and certainly don' t inspire people. He speaks fromexperience. "We put in an ad on Monster.com for a Web producer, and we got 14 responses within 24 hours," Adler says."We changed it the next day to Extraordinary Web producer, and in the next 24 hours we got 114 responses. We playwith an ad and change it until it works."

So, instead of Brand Manager, title the ad E-Marketing Guru. Instead of Division Accountant, try out Division Non-Accountant. "You can' t believehow many resumes we got [ with that one] ," Adler says. "What it means is we want an accountant that doesn' t think as an accountant, but someonewho thinks like a business person."

Which Ad Will Elicit More Responses?

Before After
Tele-Sales Manager

The sales manager for our financial services unit is responsible for managing a team of six tele-sales people for the southeast region. At least 3-5years experience in the sale of financial instruments, plus at least two years in a sales supervisory role is essential. A B.S. degree is required.Compensation package is commensurate with experience. No calls taken. Send resume to P.O. Box 10.

The Artful Sales Manager

Our financial services unit is launching a great new competitive line. If you can build and train a team of tele-sales wizards, you' ll be looking at yourbest years ever! We' re putting the resources behind this product line expansion and need a leader who can take us to the next level. If you want toleverage your abilities and compensation, send in your resume with an example of your greatest sales management accomplishment.

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