Associate programs (sometimes called affiliate or commission-based advertising programs)are designed to drive targeted traffic. They typically pay a commission based on purchasesmade by traffic sent from you, the referring site. There are many different programsoffered, and finding the right one for you can be a challenge. After you join, it'simportant to keep evaluating your program's performance and to track the effectiveness ofyour continued association. It's possible to make significant commissions from theseprograms, but it will take some planning on your part. created the first affiliate program in1996, and now the pioneering online bookstore boasts more than 300,000 affiliates. Inresponse to the overwhelming success of this and other such programs, new affiliatenetworks are popping up all over the Internet, selling everything from books to sportinggoods to food. You may want to consider adding an affiliate program to your strategiclinking program to boost your site's revenue and increase traffic.

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