We really came on strong, making sure our Web address is on everything," says Nora Songer, marketing director at Cattron, a small industrial equipment manufacturer in Sharpsville, Pa. Cattron has had a promotional Web site for five years. After the push to include the site's URL on all printed material, the company noticed a corresponding boost in traffic. "A lot of our vendors were surprised and pleased by it," says Songer.

The company sends out 36,000 pieces of direct mail each year and buys four space ads in trade journals each month. Along with traditional information such as phone and fax numbers, the company's URL (www.cattron.com) goes on every ad and mailer. It's also on every employee's business card and is featured in the company's listing in various buyers' guides.

A potential buyer might not go to the trouble to fill in a direct mail response card, Songer figures. But that same person browsing the Web might remember later that Cattron has a Web site. "They can go on and not worry about having to answer a bunch of survey questions or being interviewed over the phone," she says, citing reasons why many potential customers don't call or return mailers to companies for information.

Another reason Cattron publicizes the company URL is for international customers. "Our offices are only open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. That means people on the West Coast are not going to be able to contact us at 5 p.m. their time," she says. "But if they have a question, they can look at our Web site and send us e-mail. We've had people from Europe and the Far East look at products on our Web site. During their business hours, they can get the information they want."

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