When it comes to banner ads, one size does not fit all. Are you trying to develop awareness of your brand, attract prospective customers to your site, or actually make sales? These are the three main results you can expect from a banner ad campaign. Naturally, a single campaign might lead to all three results - a campaign designed to build your leads database will also result in some branding and some direct sales - but your goal for any one campaign should specifically focus on one of these areas.

" Understand Branding (Awareness-Building) Campaigns"
What is the first thing that comes to mind when your customers think of your company? Great service? Low prices? Clever advertising or a catchy logo? Each of these elements is an important factor in building awareness for your company and for your site. This type of awareness is called "branding" in marketing circles, and it's crucial because when people need a product or service, they reach for the familiar. In case you don't have a degree in marketing, you can use this section of the checklist to familiarize yourself with the key elements of a branding campaign.

" Understand Click-Through (Traffic-Building) Campaigns"
Once you build a Web site, you need to put some effort into enticing customers to come visit. Banner ads can be a powerful way to invite people to your site. Banner ads that increase traffic are known as "click-through" ads because they beckon users to click on the banner and go through to the advertiser's site. Use this section of the checklist to learn exactly what's involved in click-through ads and when such a campaign is right for your business.

" Understand Sell-Through (Direct Sales) Campaigns"
Your site is up, and your shelves are stocked. It's time to sell. But first you need some customers. How do you get them not only "in the door" of your site, but into the "checkout line" as well? You need a banner ad that allows your customer to find a product and purchase it with a minimum of clicks. Read on to learn how to use sell-through banner ads to bring prime sales prospects to your Web site.

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