Your site is up, and your shelves are stocked. It's time to sell. But first you need some customers. How do you get them not only "in the door" of your site, but into the "checkout line" as well? You need a banner ad that allows your customer to find a product and purchase it with a minimum of clicks. Read on to learn how to use sell-through banner ads to bring prime sales prospects to your Web site.

Learn What a Sell-Through Campaign Is
Sell-through campaigns, like click-through campaigns, are designed to evoke a user action. They, too, compel the user to "click through" from the banner to the advertiser's site. However, the similarity ends here. The ultimate goal of a sell-through ad is to induce the user to make a purchase, not simply visit the site.

Learn When to Use a Sell-Through Campaign
If sell-through campaigns aim for immediate sales, why not use them all the time, to the exclusion of any other type of campaign? The answer is that sell-through is often a short-term strategy with certain limitations. First, sell-through often requires that you offer bargain basement prices, at or below cost. And second, sell-through is seldom a great vehicle with which to develop the kind of repeat relationship with customers that will lead to higher-margin sales in the future. Consider an example from the offline world: Most bookstores don't put their newsstands at the front door, even though the daily paper is a sure, albeit low-margin, sale. Instead they invite customers inside to hear the classical music playing over the loudspeakers and browse the aisles, to get a sense of all the great books for sale.

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