The Media Need You: A Reporter's Perspective
Reporters are always in a hurry, always on deadline. Reporters need you, the expert, in critical ways. Reporters are evaluated by the quality of their stories. The stories determine a reporter's reputation and space allocation in a media outlet. Reporters are not the expert -- you are. They need someone like you to explain the details of a story to them. They are always looking for a fresh angle. Reporters are looking for experts to help them create a great story under intense deadlines.

The Media Need You: The Economics
The media depend on advertising to pay for production and distribution. Advertisers place ads only in popular media within their selected markets. What makes the media popular is the quality of the stories. The quality of the stories depends on quality sources. The media depend on experts to provide insight, knowledge, and accuracy. Experts draw the interest of the audience, which draws the advertisers. You, as the expert, are fundamental to media economics. It cannot happen without you.

Tip: You are an industry expert who gives substance and credibility to stories prepared by the media.

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