Key to improving your Web site's rank in the different search engines is to understand the basic criteria by which search engines index and then retrieve documents.

There are two primary kinds of search services:

1. Search engines: These rely on "software spiders" to index Web sites. You submit your page to a search engine, and the spider will index your entire site. Theoretically, these spiders might find your site by accident, but odds are they won't unless you go to them and tell them about your site by filling out their "Submit" page. Examples of search engines are AltaVista, Excite, and Lycos.

2. Directories: These rely on submissions from users and Web site owners to populate their indexes. Most directories add your site to their index, but generally they link only to your home page rather than indexing the full text of each page on your site. Examples of directories are Yahoo! and Open Directory.

Search Service Type of Service
AltaVista search engine
AOL Search directory
Excite search engine
HotBot search engine search engine
Google search engine
Lycos directory directory directory
Web Crawler search engine
Yahoo! directory

These 11 search services are the most popular on the Internet. They are where you should spend your time working to achieve top rankings.

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