Almost everyone understands that positive news coverage is good for business. Positive news coverage can transform you from a hardworking local professional to a nationally recognized expert who is:

  • Seen as an industry leader
  • Known as trustworthy and credible
  • Understood as the professional to turn to for expert advice
  • Profitable through increased referrals and qualified leads

Tip: Getting mentioned in the media is a much more powerful and less expensive marketing strategy than advertising. Positive news coverage costs little more than your time and effort and is a powerful testimonial to your expertise.

There are some legitimate reasons and misconceptions that make it difficult for professionals to work with the media. Which sound familiar to you?

  • The media is not your specialty.
  • You already have too much to do.
  • Your financial resources are limited.
  • You do not understand the value of ink and air.
  • You do not know how to construct a media strategy.

This Get Media Smart! resource guide will show you how to build a media marketing strategy that will give you a return on your investment in both time and money. You can develop media skills without being a media specialist.

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