Careful planning and research up front will save you time and money later in the banner ad creation process. If you want to create a banner ad in-house, you need to first make sure that the resources -- including creative talent and the necessary software -- are available. If the scope of the banner ad design is beyond the resources of your team, you'll want to hire a professional designer or firm.

Determine if Your Existing Resources Can Handle Banner Design
If all you want is a simple, text-based banner ad, creating it in-house is relatively easy if you have the necessary software tools on hand. Basic drawing/painting tools can cost anywhere from $500 to $1,000, depending on the individual package. If you have no such tools in your software arsenal, it may make more sense to consider outsourcing -- that same amount of money (and often much less) will get you a professional-appearing banner.

Select a Banner Ad Design Firm
Here are a few rules to follow if you decide you need a more sophisticated ad. First, before speaking with design candidates, have at least some concept in mind of what you're looking for. You can develop that concept by finding ads on the Web that you like and that you believe will appeal to your customers. Feel free to ask the advertisers for the names of their design firms. Second, always ask for references and request several samples of completed work, ideally for products or services related to your own. And third, before you go live, view the ad on several different computers and operating systems to ensure that it looks and behaves as specified.

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