No banner ad campaign is perfect the first time, so results tracking, evaluation, and course correction are critical. Once your tracking programs are in place, you'll need to be able to turn the raw data they generate into meaningful statistics. Interpreting these statistics will help you improve your results.

Turn Tracking Data into Useful Statistics
Don't let the prospect of analyzing mounds of data deter you from tracking your banner ad campaigns. Once you know what to look for and understand a few key formulas, you can generate meaningful statistics with nothing more than a calculator.

Understand What the Statistics Mean
You know how to convert raw data into statistics, but how do you determine what the statistics mean? Compare your numbers to the industry standards for banner ad campaign results, readily available at sites such as Ad Resource. If you consistently fall short of industry averages, start looking for ways to improve your campaign.

Make Improvements Based on Statistical Results
All the crunching of numbers means little if you don't turn those statistics into improvements. Sometimes barely perceptible changes in banner ad strategy can greatly improve effectiveness, but you have to pinpoint exactly what those changes are.

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