Forget those venture-backed companies with more money than sense. If you're bootstrapping a company -- and by that we mean growing it with very little capital -- you need smart ideas that can help you get the most out of a tight budget. So we've combed through both the Inc. magazine archives and other material available on to bring you 45 money-saving bootstrapping tips. Select a category that particularly interests you, or browse through the entire collection of bootstrapping ideas, which are from a variety of sources. Look for tips appropriate for your company. Then let the savings begin.

Plus: Want to read new profiles of state-of-the art bootstrapping entrepreneurs? Check out the July 2000 Inc. magazine cover story. It's called "Great Companies Started for $1,000 or Less."

Market Research

Promoting Your Business


Retaining Employees

Raising Capital

Cash Management

Operations on a Budget

Carole Matthews, who pored through the Inc. archives and the rest of to put this collection together, is the Finance & Capital producer at

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