Marketing & Advertising mentor Jay Conrad Levinson answers the following question from user:
I am the marketing vice president at a Silicon Valley brick-and-mortar mail-order start-up that wants to go online aggressively. What are some of the top things you would do in order to effectively sell online, both to endcustomers (B2C) and to dealers (B2B)?

Jay Conrad Levinson's response:
You've got to know marketing inside out to marketsuccessfully online. You've got to use your online presence to promote your brick-and-mortar capabilities. To sell in business-to-business andbusiness-to-consumer environments, you should treat your online presence as an invitation to dialogue and then begin conversations with your prospects.

Please never forget the importance of speed and personalization when communicatingwith your prospects. And remember that marketing online means participatingin forums and chat rooms as much as it means having a Web site.

It seems to methat the primary benefits you can gain from both B2B and B2C marketing are profits andwealth. So orient your message to achieve those benefits -- without sounding high pressure.

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