by Faith Popcorn and Lys Marigold
Hyperion, 2000, 272 pages, $24.

When it comes to your company's marketing efforts, are you still treating women as a special interest group? If so, Faith Popcorn has a few statistics she'd like you to consider:

  • Women buy or influence the purchase of 80% of consumer goods.
  • Women influence 80% of all health care decisions.
  • Women buy 50% of all cars and influence 80% of their sales.
  • Women buy 50% of all PCs.
  • 48% of stock market investors are women.

In her latest book, Popcorn predicts that those companies that are best at marketing to women will dominate the markets of the future. But the currently established marketing principles will not allow a company to be the best, she warns. For companies to succeed, they must embrace the new principle of "EVEolution."

Shop-ologically Different

EVEolution is "a series of marketing axioms built around the reality that women and men are as different shop-ologically as they are biologically." Considering the hefty purchasing power of women, ignoring these differences is dangerous, claims Popcorn. Do so at your own peril.

The book breaks down the principle of EVEolution into the eight truths of marketing to women. These range from "Connecting Your Female Consumers to Each Other Connects Them to Your Brand" to "Everything Matters -- You Can't Hide behind Your Logo." A full chapter is devoted to each principle, including explanation, case studies, and some ideas regarding how these principles could be implemented.

Popcorn makes a strong case for her theory of EVEolution. And this is no theoretical discussion -- Popcorn presents idea after idea regarding how to put these principles in action. Whether you agree that it's time to revolutionize your entire way of thinking about marketing or not, you're sure to find some interesting tactics to help you reach the important -- and lucrative -- female market.

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