22 Keys to Creating a Meaningful Workplace
by Tom Terez
Adams Media, 2000,278 pages, $24

The difficulty of finding and retaining talented employees in today's economy is frequently lamented. It has been postulated that the demand for talent will continue to soar even as the supply continues to dwindle, all of which will stoke a fire for talent. According to Tom Terez, "This isn't just a nudge toward a more meaningful workplace -- it's a full body slam."

In his new book, Terez maintains that the way to find and retain good employees is to provide a meaningful workplace. But this isn't something that can be achieved with a quick fix. It's a thoughtful, ongoing process.

The 22 Keys

To guide companies and individuals through this process, Terez has identified 22 key components to creating a more meaningful workplace. These 22 keys are broken into five major categories:

  • Mission keys: purpose, direction, relevance, validation
  • People keys: respect, equality, informality, flexibility, ownership
  • Development keys: challenge, invention, support, personal development
  • Community keys: dialogue, relationship building, service, acknowledgment, oneness
  • Me keys: self-identity, fit, balance, worth

A full chapter is devoted to each key. Also included are case studies and questions to get you thinking (and talking) about these issues within your workplace.

The strength of this guide is its potential for multifaceted use. Whether you are a CEO looking to implement sweeping reforms throughout your company or a front-line employee wanting to take control and improve a personal work situation, this advice is valuable. As Terez points out, the average American will spend 90,000 hours of his or her life working. Wouldn't we all benefit if those hours were more rewarding?

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