This is the year the Internet hit the Inc. 500, Inc. magazine's annual list of the fastest-growing privately held U.S. companies, big time. One indicator? Of the 500 companies on this year's Inc. 500, 64, or 12.8%, used the word Internet, E-commerce, Web, E-business, E-something, .com,.net or on-line either in their name or in the brief description Inc. magazine publishes of what their companies do. That's more than a twofold increase from 1999.

Still, those 64 companies, listed below, represent only a fraction of the Internet-related companies on the 2000 Inc. 500. That's because, in compiling this mini-list, we looked only at business names as published in the magazine, and at the brief business descriptions published in the magazine -- which are often shortened because of space constraints.Still, despite its obvious limitations, the mini-list below will give you a taste of the role that the Internet plays in this year's Inc. 500 class.

To find out more about these companies -- and the rest of the Inc. 500 -- consult a copy of the Inc. 500 issue of Inc. magazine. It hits newsstands starting October 17, but subscribers receive the magazine earlier. You will also find the information here at in November.

Name and Description Published in Inc. Rank on the 2000 Inc. 500
ePartners provides E-business services #3
Support Technologies offers help-desk services, including E-support, outsourcing, & certification #14
Meritage Technologies provides E-business consulting & professional services #15
Rapid Link Communications provides Internet-based international communication services #35
Thaumaturgix provides Internet consulting services #41 operates E-commerce portal for government employees #45
Logical Net provides telecommunications & Internet services #47 provides Internet-protocol networks and software #62
CUShopper operates an on-line shopping network for credit-union members #66
CP Internet sells Internet access, network services, and data & voice lines #100
Xor provides Internet-technology, network, & systems consulting services #109
Integro provides E-business consulting services #112 markets & distributes connectivity-leveraging software #116
TEOCO provides Web-based consulting & software and incubates IT companies #119 manufactures home furnishings for sale on the Internet #125
SmartDM provides on-line and off-line direct marketing services #127
Certified Associates provides E-business & IT services #134 provides Internet-based purchasing & logistics services #137
TeamTech International provides on-line portal services for conferences & other IT services #144
Infinity Software Development develops custom Internet, mainframe, client-server, & multimedia software #146
On-line Investment Services provides electronic securities-trading services #152
Capella Education provides on-line classes & long-distance education #158
Line 6 Thousand develops Internet-enabled digital audio products for music creation #168
James River Technical offers E-business and Unix consulting & services #172
TechBooks facilitates translation of written content into Internet format #173
CodeSoft International provides E-commerce consulting services #177
Paramount Technologies provides Internet-based procurement & workforce-automation software #187
IQ Group provides E-business and Internet consulting services #191
Allied Group provides Internet professional services #193
eCybersuite provides E-business & IT services #197 sells software and provides information-systems consulting services. #206
National Healthcare Resources provides on-line and off-line services for resolving insurance claims #216 offers Internet access & hosting services #220
TRX provides fulfillment & technology services for the on-line travel industry #224
InfoSphere designs, builds, & supports infrastructure for E-business sites #231
RMX delivers mail & parcels and provides E-commerce services #233 offers E-business workshops and consulting services #243
LocalNet provides regional Internet services #246
PB Systems provides integration, design, & E-business services #270
Inforonics provides E-business outsourcing services #285
IntelliNet provides consulting & E-strategy services #292
REI Systems provides E-business services #295
SimStar provides E-business services to pharmaceutical companies #326
Cue Data Services provides IT & E-commerce consulting services #327
Bizstrata provides products and on-line services to the direct-selling industry #329
Crimson Consulting Group provides marketing consulting services for E-commerce and Internet companies #331
Datazed Software Services provides IT consulting & Internet-access services #341
Revelwood provides software & services for Web-based enterprise planning & reporting #344
Authoria develops E-workforce communication software #347
Atlantic.Net offers Internet-access & Web hosting services #350 provides on-line shipping services #353
Catapult Systems provides E-business consulting services & products #370
Mainline Information Systems sells IBM computer systems & provides E-commerce consulting services #375
G.A. Sullivan provides Internet-software-development services #400
OnSphere provides E-business consulting services #401
Traffic Builders provides turnkey interactive trade-show and Internet promotions #403 provides live customer-interaction services over the Web #408 designs & sells backup & disaster-recovery software #417
Examen provides Internet-based tools for managing legal costs #419
Network One provides long-distance, Internet-access and other telephone services #422
Newton Resource Group provides Web-based IT services #448
Rapidigm provides Web-development, enterprise-resource-planning, & IT consulting services #452
Glyphix Studio provides brand-development, Web-design, and strategic-marketing services #497 provides labor-resource-planning software #500

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Published on: Oct 7, 2000