Offices & Operations mentor Mie-Yun Lee responds to the following question from an user:
I've started a business and am about to hire my first employees. It's just an office environment; do I still need workers' compensation insurance?If so, where do I start?

Mie-Yun Lee's response:
Most states require you to get workers' compensation insurance if you have even one employee. Policies and regulations vary by state, so check with your state's Department of Labor. It's a good thing that you're looking into this question. If you are running a business with employees and aren't complying with your state's workers' compensation insurance requirements, you could face some heavy fines.

Once you understand your state's requirements, it's time to find coverage. Be aware that this type of insurance may be expensive -- depending on the type of business you have. And as the business owner you are required to cover the entire cost; employees don't contribute to workers' comp. Premiums can vary according to the type of business and employees you have, your records, and state regulations.

Maintain a healthy and safe work environment to help keep your workers' comp claims and costs down.

For more information, refer to BuyerZone's Buyer's Guide to workers' compensation insurance.

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