Business: Technical staffing service
Location: Lake Forest, Calif.
Site rationale: Staying at home

Ron Stein and his wife, June, still live in the Lake Forest, Calif., house where they raised two sons years ago. In 1995, when the couple launched Principal Technical Services Inc. (#143 on the 2000 Inc. 500), a staffing service for engineering and design workers, they cleared out the old playroom where a model train set used to be and converted that space into the company's headquarters. Then, a few years ago, their older son, Russell, now 31, moved back into his old bedroom -- but only during business hours.

When he joined his parents' company as vice president of finance and operations, Russell set up his office in the room that had once been decorated with NFL pennants and model airplanes. Now it contains two desks and two computers, since Russell shares the office with his mother, who is the company's president.

The business has three other permanent employees, who work out of their homes. When the staffers all need to get together, they meet at the Steins' kitchen table.

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