Home is where the start is

Percentage of the 1995 Inc. 500 that were started in the founder's home:  39%

Percentage of the 2000 Inc. 500 started in the founder's home:  61%

Median age of those 2000 Inc. 500 companies when they moved to their next location:  15 months

Percentage of those 2000 Inc. 500 companies that had five or fewer full-time employees at the time of that move:  64%

The Inc. 500 by sector

Computer software and services  38%
Diversified services  17%
Materials and construction  6%
Telecommunications  6%
Computer hardware  5%
Electronics and miscellaneous technology  4%
Financial services  3%
Health products and services  3%
Consumer products (durables)  3%
Consumer products (nondurables)  2%
Manufacturing  2%
Transportation  2%
Specialty retail  2%
Other  7%

Money, money, money

Percentage of companies that had initial start-up capital of
Less than $1,000  16%
$1,000 to $10,000  26%
$10,001 to $20,000  16%
$20,001 to $50,000  10%
$50,001 to $100,000  11%
More than $100,000  21%

Percentage of CEOs that raised start-up capital by tapping
Personal assets  92%
Cofounders' personal assets  36%
Assets of family and friends  33%

Percentage of companies that received venture capital as seed money:  4%

More money

Median amount of additional financing raised (after start-up):  $1,500,000

Percentage of companies that received additional financing whose primary source was a bank line of credit:  83%

Percentage of companies that received additional financing that got venture capital:  20%

Percentage of all companies that have received angel investments:  12%

Average overall debt of all companies:  $5,674,607

Median overall debt of all companies:  $813,000

Top 10 fastest starts (Fastest growers among companies formed in 1995)

Company (rank on the 2000 Inc. 500 list) Growth Business description
Parson Group (#1) 27,992% Provides accounting, finance, risk management, and insurance services
Keystone RV (#2) 17,117% Manufactures recreational vehicles
Lakeshore Staffing (#6) 7,903% Provides temporary and permanent staffing
Access Direct Telemarket (#8) 7,178% Provides direct marketing services
VMS (#10) 6,761% Operates and maintains roadways and transportation facilities
Ahead Headgear (#11) 6,667% Designs and markets branded hats for golf shops
Support Technologies (#14) 6,070% Offers help desk services
Meritage Technologies (#15) 5,376% Provides e-business consulting and professional services
Ascend HR Solutions (#17) 5,203% Provides off-site human resources services
Product Development Technologies (#22) 4,814% Provides product development, engineering, and tooling services

These figures were compiled from the applications submitted by the Inc. 500 companies and information culled from their individual Web sites.

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