Close More Sales!
by Mike Stewart.
AMACOM, 1999, 272 pages, $17.95.

Sweaty palms and anxiety are not uncommon before a sales call. And even when a sales presentation goes well, closing thesale is often said to be the hardest part. If you can relate, Close More Sales! will be a great addition to your sales library.

Tried and True

Not much of the information is groundbreaking, but that's the point. Stewart offers tried-and-true techniques with inspirational examples of people who have put them to work.

Call it a refresher course for salespeople. The entire sales process is covered, from precall planning to actually asking forthe sale. But it's not all rudimentary material, such as the importance of product knowledge or listening.

Sales and NLP

For example, one sales presentation technique that you might not be familiar with is determining your customer's neurolinguistic programming (NLP). NLP is the study of the different ways people learn, which you can accurately assess by their eye movements.

Visual learners tend to look up to the right or left when they are trying to commit something to memory, or squint as if they aretrying to see the information more clearly. You can adapt your presentation to visual learners by using plenty of visual aids.

When you're presenting to auditory learners, who look quickly to the right and left when they're trying to remember something, rely more heavily on your verbal skills than visual aids. Reinforce their style with prompters like "Does that sound about right to you?"

Finally, kinesthetic learners need to hold and touch materials to commit them to memory. The tip-off here is that they usuallylook down and to the right. Use handouts and brochures that they can hold and feel during your presentation.

A Handy Reference

Close More Sales! is a book for salespeople of all levels and experience, because even fantastic salespeople need to brush up on their skills from time to time. It's also great for quick reference as issues come up that apply to you.

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