Get Publicity and Bolster Profits through Public Speaking
Why speak publically? What can you talk about and to whom? Where will your material come from? Public speaker and speech consultant Patricia Fripp answers essential questions about giving speeches.

Writing and Organizing a Winning Speech
You may speak powerfully, but no one will be able to make sense of your presentation unless it is well organized. Fripp suggests two formats for your speech and four tips to help you write it.

Polishing and Rehearsing for a Perfect Presentation
You've written a speech, but there's still work to do before delivering it. Fripp gives six suggestions for making sure your speech hits home along with several ideas on effective rehearsing.

Deliver a Stellar Speech
Powerful presentations happen when you check out the room in advance and work to connect with the audience while speaking. Use these strategies to ensure that what you say is a smashing success.

Conquer Distractions When Delivering a Speech
In any presentation you give, you're likely to beinterrupted by some sort of distraction. Fripp explains how to keep the audience glued to your words.

Consider a Career in Public Speaking
After delivering some speeches, you may decide that youwant to turn the podium into profit. Keep handy these tips on setting prices, socializing at events, and negotiating.

Patricia Fripp is a San Francisco-based executive speech coach and professional speaker on change, teamwork, customer service,promoting business, and communication skills. She isthe author of Make It, So You Don't Have to Fake It and Get What You Want! Fripp also served as president of the National Speakers Association. She can be contacted via e-mail, at 800-634-3035, or through her Web site

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