Since April 2000, Inc. has enlisted entrepreneurs to rate Web sites in various categories for its Best of the Web feature. Gathered here are their top picks. Most of these Web sites were rated "A" sites. (In May 2001, the letter-grade system was dropped. Now judges are asked to pick their top site.)Because the Web is such a volatile business environment, it's hard to keep up with all the sites -- even top-rated ones -- that have gone out of business. We've omitted ones that we know are defunct. If we steer you wrong, please let us know.

Adventure Travel
From rafting to African safaris, plan your next vacation.

Art Dealers
Buying art for your office is easy.

Bring in new business and hang onto your cash. (Now merged with

Corporate Gifts
An easy way to send a thank-you gift to an important client.

Office Furniture
Furnish your office from the ground up.

PDA Software
Buy software for your personal digital assistant.

Self-service printing Web sites help you create your own documents and customized products.

Road Warrior Travel
Help for the average small business traveler.

Skills Testing
HR sites can test skills from programming to accounting before you decide to hire.

Services for Soloists
Information for the solo business owner.

Tax Help
Tax pointers without having to hire an accountant.

Telecommunications Services
Buy telephones, T1 lines and long-distance plans.

Time Tracking
Let these sites do the dirty work of tracking billable hours and invoicing,

Virtual Trainers
These sites can help you plan physical activity and dieting.

Published on: Jun 4, 2001