If "The Bulletproof Business Plan," makes you nervous about getting funding for your new company, take a deep breath and check out these resources that can help you write a compelling business plan:

Writing a Business Plan: An Overview
From planning essentials to online research resources and pitching your plan to investors, this directory covers a wide range of topics.

Writing a Strong Business Plan, Section by Section
From the table of contents to the financial tables, a business plan covers a lot of ground. A good place to start is with this annotated list of inc.com's best resources to help you develop and write each part of your business plan.

A Business Plan -- At What Price?
How much does it cost to hire someone else, such as a consultant, towrite a business plan for you? An inc.com user asks the question -- andother users respond with a variety of opinions.

Excerpts from How to Really Create a Successful Business Plan
Inc.com has collected numerous excerpts from David E. Gumpert's book, How to Really Create a Successful Business Plan. His how-to tips can help you create the financial section of your plan, learn to sell better, write an executive summary, and more.
A Plan for All Seasons
Pick the Target Audience, Then Tailor Your Plan
Making It All Add Up: the Financial Section of a Business Plan
The Basics of Business Plans: Sell, Sell, Sell
The Finer Points of a Business Plan
Filling in Your Plan: What to Say Where
All Summary, NO Substance
Executive Summary as Guiding Light

Reading for Additional Credit

Who better to ask what you should put on your must-read list than Gary M. Cadenhead? Cadenhead is director of the MOOT CORP, the 17-year-old internationally known MBA business plan contest at the University of Texas in Austin. Cadenhead pared his reading list down to two recent releases:

Daring Visionaries: How Entrepreneurs Build Companies, Inspire Allegiance, and Create Wealth by Ray Smilor (Adams Media Corporation, 2001)

Your Business or Your Life: 8 Steps for Getting All You Want Out of Both by David Shepherd (Balios Publishing 2001)

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Published on: Oct 2, 2001