Sales mentor Pat Cavanaugh reponds to the following question from an user:
Do you perceive the recent economic downturn to have a dramatic impact on small businesses? How would you address this concern with a relatively small high-tech sales staff with one to four people?

Pat Cavanaugh's response:
I'm a big believer in seeing the positive side of many kinds of businesses circumstances. Does a brief slowdown close some doors? Probably, yes. But it also opens other windows to opportunities that might have been ignored when times were better.

Now is the time for management and sales staff to really have faith in their products and services, to have faith that these products can help their customers overcome a sluggish economy, and to be able to communicate that feeling to their customers. Your products will help your customer to do his small part in turning the economy around, and even be on the leading edge of this recovery, not caught lagging behind. Now is the time all firms should be preparing to take advantage of the robust recovery that is bound to happen. Now is the time these firms should take advantage of the probable great pricing available to them on your products, to make that investment, and to be prepared to have your products lead them strongly forward.

It's an attitude thing. Be positive with your sales staff and be adamant that they be positive with each other and their prospects.

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