Elliance presented E-communication strategies at the Public Relations Society of America Counselor's Academy. Here are five tips for online public relations that sparked the most interest:

1. Create alert-based communications. Every time new information and reports are posted online, notify your audience with quick email alerts so they can access the information immediately.

2. Create customized views based upon user profiles. Let each audience view information that is relevant for them.

3. Build private sites for media contacts. Maintain a private website for journalists that provides press releases, photos, and other timely information.

4. Pre-build crisis management micro-sites. Develop a mini website to proactively handle crisis communications. Reduce the number of customer service calls and provide a consistent message that speaks to the public in a moment's notice.

5. Measure activity with dashboards. Build an ROI model based upon open rates, click thru rates, page views, and downloads.

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