Everyone has a favorite hometown business. Maybe it's the local bookstore where the proprietor will search far and wide for even the most obscure titles, or the corner coffee shop whose owner serves up java and local gossip with a smile and a wink. Whatever your favorite may be, it's a place you go to happily, remember fondly when you leave, and can't wait to visit again.

In its July 2002 issue, some well-known writers, entertainers, and others describe what makes their favorite businesses special. Here Inc editors and writers share their picks, describing the lasting impression each small business has made on their lives. Click here to contribute your own. Your favorite just might reach celebrity status as the subject of an upcoming Main Street column in Inc.

Inc Managing Editor Evelyn Roth
Abrahams' Kosher Cakeland: Forest Hills, N.Y.

Inc Senior Staff Writer Mike Hofman
Rein's New York Style Deli Restaurant: Vernon, Conn.

Inc Staff Writer Jill Hecht Maxwell
Kings Super Market: Short Hills, N.J.

Inc Reporter Kate O'Sullivan
Dairy Fresh Candies: Boston, Mass.

Inc.com Senior Editor Carole Matthews
KidsNShoes, North Hampton, N.H.